QuickBooks Classes

Need a Class on QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a powerful software package that can be challenging at times even though it is sold as user-friendly and easy. QuickBooks really shines when it can be customized to your business, and often that type of customized setup requires expertise beyond figuring it out yourself.

Our QuickBooks classes are designed to not only provide you with the basic foundation of how QuickBooks works, but also to answer all of your company-specific questions. With our small class size, we will tailor the learning to you. Plus a 30-minute consultation at your office so we can go over any follow up items. During the first 90 days after your class you will receive an invite to a free trial membership into our “Everything QuickBooks” & FaceBook Group.

Our classes are perfect for:

  • Business owners who want to avoid mistakes, improve cash flow and gain a better understanding of what their numbers indicate
  • Bookkeepers who need a better understanding of QuickBooks®
  • Spouses who help with the books on a part-time basis

Our QuickBooks class is designed:

  • To help you improve cash flow
  • To increase net profit
  • To help you have more fun at work and in business

We know QuickBooks and we know how to help you make the most out of this powerful software. Just a few of the items we’ll be covering in class include:

  • 3 common accounting mistakes almost every business makes that cause cash flow problems- how to find and fix errors
  • 4 common mistakes in setting up client accounts and how to prevent and correct the mistakes
  • 5 vital decisions you must make for your Chart of Accounts to provide meaningful financial statements – what to do to fix errors in your current setup
  • 5 ways QuickBooks can help improve collections
  • 5 reports you should track to build a profitable business
  • How to access your office QB from home or a job site
  • How to import client lists from other software
  • How to prepare invoices, refunds, credits, and client statements
  • How to process checks and credit card payments
  • How to efficiently reconcile bank accounts
  • 4 things you must know if the bank balances do not match
  • How to effectively track your firm’s finances 24/7
  • How to manage your company using business centers
  • Easy steps for handling NSF checks
  • 5 things you must do when tracking bad debts or petty cash disbursements
  • 4 reasons you need to use on-line banking- How it works and how to get set up.
  • Exporting QuickBooks® into Excel and the 4 advanced techniques to make it more useful

Click here to read our full class agenda.

Here’s what our classes include:

  • 4 hours of conference room style QuickBooks training
  • Workbook
  • Small class sizes of 7 or fewer individuals
  • A 30-minute onsite consultation
  • Trial Membership in “Everything QuickBooks” & FaceBook Group

The fee for the Intro to QuickBooks class above is $247.

Intro to QuickBooks Class

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